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Privacy Policy | Queenines

Privacy Policy

At Queenines London, customer privacy is our top priority and we strive to ensure that customer datais fully-protected. Our company’s privacy policy is therefore intended to help you (site user/customer) to understand:

  • How we use and protect your confidential information and personally-identifiable data
  • Information collection practices
  • Why we collect your personal information so that you can make an informed decision of whether or not to use this website and our services.

1. Your Acceptance

Continuation of our site and service-use implies your consent and acceptance of our data collection process and practices as stated in this policy. If you disagree with any term in this policy, please do not use this website.

2. How We at Queenines London Collect Your Information?

2.1 At Queenines London, we collect customer/site visitor data in 3 possible ways:

2.1.1 Data Directly Provided - This is when you directly provide us with your information, for instance when you register/sign up with us, purchase our products or contact us through any means for any reason.

2.1.2 User Authorised Data - You may authorise us to collect information from your account depending on your privacy settings, such as from social media profiles. Queenines London may collect information about its customers on social media, only if you give us the permission.

If you choose to link your Twitter or Facebook user account with us, this will allow us to collect information and content from your account.

2.1.3 Data Collected Automatically - Our website uses cookies for data collection. A Cookie is a small text file. This file is generally used to identify you on our server. Please note, the information collected through cookies does not include your personal data. It only includes information such as pages viewed, date & time of website visit and user-time spent on the site.

This information is generally used for delivering a better site usage and shopping experience to customers, tracking user preferences and traffic patterns. Such information allows us to improve our website functionality and also calculate the aggregate number of visitors and popular website pages.

There are two types of cookies: Session and Persistent. As the name suggests, session cookies are deleted once you close your browser while persistent cookies remain on your computer until you delete them.

3. User Information We Collect

3.1 Generally, we collect 2 types of user information

3.1.1 Personally-Identifiable Data

3.1.2 Non-Personally Identifiable Data

3.2 At Queenines London, we collect your specific information through different interaction points such as:

3.2.1 Web-browsing

3.2.2 Registration with Queenines London

3.2.3 Clicking on our site banners and plugins

3.2.5 Interaction on social media

Below is a clear explanation of the information we collect from different interaction points:


Regardless of whether you are logged in to your Queenines London’ account, we use cookies that help us to record system collected data about the site visitor, for example IP address, device being used by the user to access the site, system details, web browser type and other general device information. Please note this information is non-personally identifiable.

Using cookies, we are also able to collect statistical and log data about user’s number of visits and page views.

Registration with Queenines London

To place your order, you will be advised to create your Queenines London account. Here, you will have to provide us with your personally identifiable data like your name, email ID and mobile phone number to become a registered user. This data will remain with us, as long as you choose to be our registered user. This information helps us to provide you with relevant and personalized shopping experience on Queenines London”

Clicking on our site banners and plugins

Clicking on our website plugins, banners and emails sent helps us to collect non-personally identifiable data. We use this information to track, evaluate and analyse effectiveness of our emails, plugins and banners in terms of customer engagement.

Social Media Interaction

We may record, collect and retain system collected and user-authorised information regarding your activities on social media platforms, for example frequency of visit.

4. How We Use the Information We Collect?

The information we collect is used for a variety of purposes. These include:

4.1 To provide a more personalized experience on our website by identifying areas of improvement through analysis of statistical and log data

4.2 To provide a better customer service

4.3 To update you on our latest news, products and special offers

4.4 To set up your account for order placement

4.5 To target our ads and banners when you are on other websites

4.6 To perform research, polls, analysis and surveys on how our website is used and customer views.

5. How we share The Information We Collect?

You agree that in some circumstances, Queenines London may have to share your information, such as:

5.1 Internally, when required for business functions

5.2 Externally with core service providers that help us with deliveries, order packing and picking, fraud protection, credit-risk reduction and book-keeping.

5.3 Upon legal request - to do business worldwide, Queenines London is required to liaise with numerous regulators and law enforcement bodies. Though it doesn’t happen frequently, some of the regulators and agencies may legally request us to share client information with them, under court-order or under law.

6. Practices to Protect Your Data

6.1 At Queenines London, we strive to make sure your personal information is secured and well-protected from unauthorised users. Some of the practices and procedures that we follow to protect your data include:

6.1.1 Password protection - Your data on our website is password-protected. This means your account cannot be easily accessed by any unauthorised individual.

6.1.2 SSL Encryption-(SSL) software is the industry’s best software for secure online commerce business. Plus, payment transactions are processed through our secure server with 128 bit encryption. This helps to ensure that your personal data and credit card number is protected as they are transmitted over the internet.

6.1.3 We closely monitor our systems and servers for possible attacks and vulnerabilities by performing penetration testing which helps to protect your data that are stored on our servers.

6.2 Though we try our best to protect and secure your personal data, security cannot be 100% guaranteed.

6.3 Whenever you need to specify a password on our website, make sure that the password is strong by including both alphabets and numbers

7. Policy Updates

Please note, Queenines London privacy policy is subject to change. We can change and amend any clause in this policy if and when needed without any notice. It is advisable that you review and read our policy whenever you use our website to ensure you are fully aware of the updates made in our privacy policy.

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